Dou Niu

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Dou Niu - 斗牛
Blood TypeB
D.O.B.6th May 1948
Appears inShenmue II

Dou Niu (斗牛) is the leader of a gang called the Yellow Heads that operates in Kowloon. The gang itself is large and has much control over the area and are often scouting for new members from the local street fights. Although it is not said why, Dou Niu's gang has a rivalry with Ren's Heavens gang. Dou Niu also has connections with the Chi You Men and with LanDi. He also is in a relationship with Yuan.

Once Ryo goes to Kowloon he often encounters Dou Niu and his Yellow Heads gang members. Dou Niu's current goal is to find Yuanda Zhu in Kowloon and deliver him to LanDi. In the end, Dou Niu is able to complete this task, but fails to hand Yuanda Zhu over to LanDi due to intervention from Ryo and Ren.

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