Abe Store

Abe Store - 阿部商店
LocationSakuragaoka, Yokosuka, Japan
Building TypeGeneral Store
Known ResidentsSetsu Abe
Opening Time9:00 AM
Closing Time7:00 PM

The Abe Store (Japanese: 阿部商店) is owned by Setsu Abe who insists on calling Ryo "Baby Boy Ryo" or "Little Ryo". The shop itself is actually Setsu's house with the front living area converted into the shop it is today.

[edit] Items for sale

Item Price
Squid Legs ¥90
Salami ¥90
Caramel ¥120
Potato Chips ¥120
Chocolate ¥120

[edit] Gambling

Types of gambling available:

If you buy either the Chocolate, Caramel or Potato Chips, Ryo gets to try the raffle with the chance of winning rare toy capsules. Prizes are:

Prize Item
Grand Prize Dural Gold
First Prize Dural Silver
Second Prize Mr. Yukawa (Happi)
Third Prize Mr. Yukawa (Suit)
Forth Prize R-360
Space Harrier
Bonanza Brothers
Fifth Prize Random toy capsule
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