Agon Girei

Agon Girei
Blood TypeAB
D.O.B.14th December 1946
Appears inShenmue II

Agon Girei is a Mongolian wrestler who is seen alongside two other fellow Mongolian wrestlers, Nadam Begue and Uzun Temur, and participates in Arm Wrestling matches and Street Fights for money. Of the three of them, Agon is stronger than Nadam, but weaker than Uzun.

He can be found working with Dukai Ouyang who organises arm wrestling matches for them at the Rooftop Fight area of the Worker's Pier in Aberdeen. Agon can also be seen nearby in Wan Chai, performing moves with Nadam, Uzun and Yiming Ke in the Golden Shopping Mall in the Golden Quarter.

He can also be seem participating in street fights, with Nadam and Uzun, in the Former Barracks site off the Thousand White Quarter of Kowloon. This time a different bookie, Songcun You, is organising their matches.

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