Akemi Sato

Akemi Sato - 佐藤明美
Height5' 4"
Blood TypeA
D.O.B.30th June 1958
Appears inShenmue I

Akemi Sato (Japanese: 佐藤明美) is a hostess who works at Bar Yokosuka on Dobuita Street, Yokosuka, and began working there shortly after graduating from high school after she was introduced to Teruhiko Saijo. Over the years Akemi has attracted many admirers who come specifically to the bar to drink with her. One of her admirers is Fuku-san, but he hasn't been around since Iwao's death, causing Akemi to worry about him. She also keeps an eye on Ryo, often telling him that he shouldn't be staying out so late or making Ine-san worry. She lives in apartment 202 of Maison de Ishikawa on Dobuita Street.

Akemi is no relation to Arihiro and Rika Sato.

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