Arihiro Sato

Arihiro Sato - 佐藤有弘
Height5' 7"
Blood TypeB
D.O.B.7th February 1948
FamilyDaughter: Rika Sato
Appears inShenmue I

Arihiro Sato (Japanese: 佐藤有弘) is a reporter for the Yokosuka Press, a local newspaper, who lives in apartment 102 of the Yamanose Apartments in Yamanose. Originally he was part of a major newspaper company as a reporter but he lost his job after exposing a scandal on an important politician. After that he was sent to work on the much lower-key Yokosuka Press newspaper. He'd like to get back to the bigger papers and make his name some day, but he's come to admire the charms of Yokosuka over time too.

Arihiro is no relation to Akemi Sato.

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