Chai - チャイ
Blood TypeAB
Voice ActorIssei Futamata (Japanese)
Paul Lucas (English)
Appears inShenmue I

Chai (チャイ) is a low ranking member of the Chi You Men who stalks Ryo and learns of the existence of the Phoenix Mirror. He is eager to impress LanDi and work for him, so makes it his goal to get the Phoenix Mirror from Ryo so that he can pass it on to LanDi and earn his favour. He also becomes involved with Terry and the Mad Angels to further his goals. Chai uses a strange style of martial arts which seem to match well with his strange appearance and physique.

Chai first appears in Yokosuka, although it is unclear whether he was sent there by LanDi or followed on his own accord. After Ryo starts giving problems to Jimmy Yan, another member of the Mad Angels who also runs Asia Travel Co., Ryo is lured to You Arcade where Chai attacks him. After this encounter, Chai keeps a close eye on Ryo and those around him, eventually discovering that Ryo has in his possession the Phoenix Mirror. He follows Ryo to the New Yokosuka Harbour District where he is meeting with Guizhang and Master Chen and Chai manages to steal the mirror. However his victory is short lived and the mirror is taken back by the combined effort of Guizhang and Ryo.

Chai doesn't give up and increases his efforts, co-operating with Terry, the leader of a notorious gang called the Mad Angels that operates in the harbour who have also been having trouble with Ryo and Guizhang. With their combined efforts they kidnap Nozomi to lure Ryo to meet them at the harbour and blackmail him into attacking Guizhang in order to injure him severely enough that he can no longer interfere with their business. This attempt at dealing with Ryo again fails as not only does he rescue Nozomi, but, with the help of Guizhang, puts an end to the Mad Angels operations as well, defeating the entirety of the gang in a large scale fight.

Shortly after, as Ryo and Guizhang are about to leave for Hong Kong, Chai appears again to take the mirror. Hanging on a suspended metal bar above them, Chai drops it down on Ryo, but at the last moment Guizhang pushes Ryo out of the way, saving him but badly injuring his own leg in the process. Chai then proceeds to fight Ryo but ultimately is defeated and falls into the sea.

In an unlockable bonus comic included on the Xbox version of Shenmue II, Chai is depicted as following Ryo onto the boat to Hong Kong and making another attempt to fight with him. He even kidnaps a young girl who is a passenger aboard the ship to entice Ryo to fight him, but is defeated and, once again, knocked into the ocean.

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