The Charge box is a Toy Capsule box which contains 3 random Toy Capsules. They can be bought for $25 from Gan Hong's stand in the Worker's Pier in Aberdeen.

[edit] Toy Capsules

The Toy Capsules available from the Charge boxes are:

Rarity Toy Capsule
Very Rare Bradtos
Very Rare Tangram
Rare Chip
Rare John
Rare Kelly
Rare Kuro
Rare Pip
Rare Pochi
Rare Pop
Rare Rap
Rare Tora
Normal 10/80
Normal Angelan
Normal Bal-Bados
Normal Bal-Baros
Normal Bal-Keros
Normal Fei-yen DNA
Normal Grys-vok
Normal Stein-vok
Normal Temjin
Normal Temjin Prototype
Booby Prize Binsbein 1
Booby Prize Binsbein 2
Booby Prize Binsbein 3

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