Chawan Sign

Chawan Sign
Mini Game TypeTemporary Event
GameShenmue II

The Chawan Sign is an event which appears temporarily at various points in the game.


[edit] Information

The Chawan Sign is explained to Ryo by Guixiang Lee, after he finds the Chawan Sign Paper inside the Wulinshu in the library behind Man Mo Temple. As the Wulinshu is written by Yuanda Zhu it is Ryo's only clue related to Yuanda Zhu, so Ryo is determined to find out it's meaning.

Guixiang explains to Ryo that the Chawan Sign is a secret code used by members of the same martial arts school as a way of communication using tea cups. She tells Ryo that if he makes the sign on the back of the piece of paper, if an associate of Yuanda Zhu sees the sign, then they will make contact with Ryo.

[edit] Locations

It should be noted that several of the locations in Aberdeen and Wan Chai will activate a scene where Ryo will be harassed by Haohai Du and Bangzhuo Du, the Poison Brothers. The following lists only details events specific to that location only.

[edit] Aberdeen

Shop Location Event
Fu Hoi Diner Worker's Pier No event
Lai Lai Eatery Worker's Pier No event
Fortune's Eatery Fortune's Pier No event
Blue Sky Beer Garden Fortune's Pier Eileen and Fangmei scene
Ling Ling Porridge Queen's Street Poison Brothers scene

[edit] Wan Chai

Shop Location Event
Canton Cafe Green Market Quarter No event
Heavenly Tea Shop Green Market Quarter No event
Man Mo Bistro Wise Men's Quarter Ryo receives the Come Over Guest House Note
Bai Jiu Stand White Dynasty Quarter Zhengye Luo and Yellow Heads scene
Earnest Tea Shop Lucky Charm Quarter No event
Dou Jiang Diner Lucky Charm Quarter Ryo receives the Dou Jiang Diner Note
Man Mo Restaurant Lucky Charm Quarter No event
Gold Tea Shop Lucky Charm Quarter No event
Bright Teahouse Lucky Charm Quarter No event
Fu Jian Tea Shop Lucky Charm Quarter No event
Hong Kong Tea Shop Lucky Charm Quarter No event

[edit] Kowloon

To come

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