Chi You Men

Chi You Men
The four Chi You Men leaders
Other Prominent MembersLanDi
Niao Sun

The Chi You Men (蚩尤門) are a very secretive, militarized crime organization, lead by four executives. LanDi being one of them who rules over the east, Niao Sun the only partially obscured character in the artwork who rules over the south. The third and fourth have never featured in the games but were named by Yu Suzuki as Koutei who rules over the west, and Gentei who rules over the north.

The cartel is based in China, scattered in four different directions in accordance with the astrological directions of the heavenly beasts of Chinese mythology. They tend to shy away from appearing in public, as to not draw attention to themselves. Although their true intentions are unknown, the Chi You Men are searching for the Phoenix Mirror which Ryo has in his possession. According to Yuanda Zhu, this mirror is said to, when combined with the Dragon Mirror, create a map, which should lead to "hidden treasures of the Qing Dynasty", although it's unknown exactly what this means. Despite being a secretive organization to the general public, their presence is known in the right circles. Both the Yellow Heads and the Mad Angels knew of and were working for LanDi, Yuanda Zhu had hidden himself from the Chi You Men as he had become a target of them.

[edit] Known Chi You Men Members

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