Come Over Guest House

Come Over Guest House - 方来旅社
LocationGreen Market Quarter, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Building TypeGuest House
Known WorkersRen Dan

The Come Over Guest House (方来旅社) is where Ryo first spends his nights in Wan Chai. Wong first tells Ryo to visit this place because the man who owns it is knowledgeable, and Joy also tells him to stay there, making sure that he mentions her name so he will get a discounted price. When Ryo gets there the owner is reluctant to give Ryo a room and claims there is no vacancy, until he mentions Joy's name.

[edit] Room 203

Room 203

Ryo stays in Room 203 (203号室) which is the first room up the stairs. The fee is $38 per night, and the owner gets grumpy with Ryo if he is unable to pay, telling him to get a job. The owner will keep a tab of what you owe him throughout the duration of your stay in Wan Chai.

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