Cool Z

Cool Z
Blood TypeAB
D.O.B.15th November 1968
Appears inShenmue II

Cool Z, real name James Chris, is one of the members of the Heavens gang that operates in Aberdeen and can often be seen hanging around with Sam, Larry and Wong. He appears strong because of his big build but he actually seems to not possess much fighting skill, usually running away when he realises the situation is not in his favour. Once Ren and Ryo go to Kowloon, Cool Z goes with them, acting like a guard to Ren's Hideout in Dragon Street. Cool Z is never seen not carrying around his stereo. In the Japanese version, Cool Z is known as Cool J.

Ryo first runs into Cool Z after being tricked by Wong into thinking that he, along with Sam and Larry are after Wong, causing Ryo to move in to protect him. However, it was a trick to draw Ryo's attention and the group make off with Ryo's bag, spending all his money.

Cool Z isn't seen for a while until Ryo makes his way into the Beverly Hills Wharf to demand an audience with Ren, which they agree to do if Ryo can pay Ren a $500 "donation". Once Ren finally agrees to help Ryo they head to Kowloon, bringing Cool Z along where he acts primarily as a guard to the hideout there, not taking part in any of the fact finding. Naturally, he is left behind once Ryo departs for Guilin.

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