Crate Moving

[edit] Crates

When Joy learns that Ryo has no money because it was stolen by Wong and the others she takes Ryo over to Fortune's Pier and introduces him to the foreman, Gonglin Sun, who gives Ryo a job.

[edit] Aberdeen

Ryo, and his partner Delin Hong, must move crates from one side to the other, by pushing forward and following Delin's instructions of left and right. If Ryo moves the wrong way, Delin and Ryo will drop the crate which wastes time. The wage is $10 per crate and work lasts until midday.

[edit] Kowloon

In the Thousand White Quarter is the Thousand White Warehouse which is located opposite the Lucky Hit Stands near the Yellow Head Building West Gate. You can also enter the Warehouse through the Thousand White Building on the first floor. Crate Lifting works the same way as it does in Aberdeen, only this time Ryo's partner is Congo Maccius, who can usually be seen standing outside the entrance to the warehouse. Either talk to Congo, or Lianfei Yang who can be found inside the warehouse to ask for a job. The wage is the same as in Aberdeen, $10, but it seems that Ryo can work here at any time of day, work lasts for 3 hours.

Jobs available at:

  • Fortune's Pier, Aberdeen
  • Thousand White Warehouse, Thousand White Quarter, Kowloon
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