Damu Yin

Damu Yin (尹大目)
Damu, fighting Ryo
Blood TypeO
D.O.B.15th March 1968
Appears inShenmue II

Damu Yin (Chinese: 尹大目) is a member of the Heavens gang which operates out of the Beverly Hills Wharf and around Aberdeen.

Damu is first encountered by Ryo at the No. 8 Warehouse in the Fortune's Pier of Aberdeen where he is loitering with some other members of the Heavens. He, along with Qianhai Cao, Guyang Xu, Qingshu Huang, Jihai Wang, and Yi Dong are hanging around inside of the warehouse when Ryo barges in and demands to be taken to see Ren. As a group they attack Ryo, but when they are defeated by him they relent and agree to take Ryo to see Ren. They lead Ryo into the Beverly Hills Wharf only to surround him with the majority of the rest of the Heavens gang and beat Ryo unconscious.

Damu is seen again later in the Heavens territory of Beverley Hills Wharf after Ryo enters the area following his previous beating. This time, as Damu is alone, Ryo manages to beat him in a fight and proceed further into the area.

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