Delin Hong

Delin Hong
Blood TypeA
D.O.B.29th June 1951
Appears inShenmue II

Delin is a labourer who works at the Fortune's Pier in Aberdeen in the mornings moving cargo. He is good natured and hard working, although doesn't have any set goals in life as he is content to live each day as it comes. When Joy helps Ryo to get a job at the harbour, he is paired up with Delin to help move cargo crates and instructs Ryo during their shift.

When Ryo is trying to gather $500 in order to speak with Ren of Heavens, if he goes to the harbour and asks Gonglin Sun for more work, Ryo will be paired up with Delin as usual. After their shift is over Delin will offer to teach Ryo the Brawling Uppercut move.

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