Deming Rong

Deming Rong - 容徳明
Blood TypeO
D.O.B.29th June 1936
Appears inShenmue II

Deming Rong (Chinese: 容徳明) is the owner of the Man Mo Bistro, found in the Wise Men's Quarter of Wan Chai. He can be found inside the restaurant behind the counter by the door, welcoming in customers. He also employs a waitress at the restaurant, Lijuan Wei.

In a side-event, Deming gets attacked at the restaurant by two members of the Yellow Heads, Wei Dian and Zheng Chun. What started the attack is unclear, although they do blame Lijuan for serving them supposedly poor food. Both Ryo and Fangmei come to Deming and Lijuan's aid and throw them out of the restaurant, warning them to not come back again.

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