CollectionSonic the Hedgehog
GameShenmue I
Shenmue II
AvailabilityToy Capsule Machines

This item is part of the Sonic the Hedgehog set.


[edit] Buying

This capsule can be obtained in the following ways:

[edit] Selling

[edit] Selling as Part of a Set

This can be sold as a part of the following sets:

[edit] Selling Individually

This toy capsule can be sold on it's own for the following rates:

Pawnshop Rate
White Dynasty Pawnshop $2
Honest Pawnshop $1
Green Market Pawnshop $1
Carmain Pawnshop $1
Centre Pawnshop $1
Lucky Pawnshop $1
Great View Pawnshop $1

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