Fangmei Xun

Fangmei Xun - 薫芳梅
Blood TypeB
Appears inShenmue II

Fangmei Xun (Mandarin Chinese: 薫芳梅 Xūn Fāngméi) is a young girl who works at Man Mo Temple and can often be found sweeping its grounds. She is an orphan who was adopted by the temple and as such works there to repay their kindness. She also likes to cook and help out in general. Fangmei becomes very interested in Ryo after he comes into contact with the temple and starts to help out there too and is eager to help him and get to know him. Fangmei is also good friends with Eileen.

Upon completion of the Fangmei Birthday Event when Ryo is about to leave Hong Kong she tells Ryo her true feelings for him and gives him an amulet that she says she was found with when she was taken in at the orphanage.


[edit] Extra Scenes

There are a whole host of extra scenes with Fangmei that can easily be missed during normal play.

[edit] Fangmei Birthday Event

This is a special set of events that you would most likely miss through normal play, detailed here is how to activate the event. Fangmei's Birthday is on the 3rd March so you need to complete all this before that day, plus you need $150 to spend on the gift.

The first step is to become good friend's with Fangmei. To do this you need to keep talking to her until she stops calling you Hazuki-san and starts to call you Ryo-san. To achieve this you need to get into conversations with her and get her to initiate conversations with Ryo so that Ryo will be prompted for a response. If you pick a response that she likes this will increase Ryo's friendship with her, picking the "wrong" response will make her upset and she won't talk to Ryo for the rest of the day.

Now, once Fangmei is referring to Ryo as Ryo-san the next step is to meet Eileen, a friend of Fangmei's. She can be found in Pigeon Park in Aberdeen, practising martial arts by the big fountain. The next day after meeting Eileen, she can be found eating lunch at the Man Mo Bistro with Fangmei. Eileen and Fangmei will later leave the Bistro, if you follow Eileen she will stop at a vase shop so have Ryo talk to her. She will tell you some interesting things.

Now head to the Complete Clothier which is on Three Blades Street in the Lucky Charm Quarter, if you made it in time Fangmei will be standing outside looking at something in the window. You need to talk to her, once that is over and you know she was looking at an object on display, go inside the shop and buy it.

Lastly, wait until the 3rd March and when that day arrives head to Xiuying's Room where you can (finally) give Fangmei the gift.

[edit] Fangmei's Goodbye

Firstly you need to have Fangmei refering to Ryo as Ryo-san, not Hazuki-san. For information on how to do this please take a look at Fangmei's Birthday event. Now when it is time for Ryo to leave for Kowloon go see Fangmei in Xiuying's room when he is saying his goodbyes to everyone. This will trigger a special goodbye scene.

[edit] Fangmei's Photo

Once you are up to the point in the game where Ryo is looking for Ren, go to the back yard behind Man Mo Temple where you aired out the books earlier in the game. On a sunny day you should see Shiquan hanging around there with a camera. This will trigger a scene where you get to choose one of two photos of Fangmei to keep.

[edit] Save Fangmei

Like most of the other events, you should have Fangmei referring to Ryo as "Ryo-san" rather than "Hazuki-san". After saving Zhang, the next day when part of the Wise Men's Quarter is blocked off and after you have met with Joy, head to the Man Mo Bistro. This will activate a scene where Fangmei is trying to defend herself against two guys causing trouble in the restaurant. Also, if you miss the 3rd QTE prompt, you'll get a more interesting ending.

[edit] Meet Fangmei & Eileen in Aberdeen

When you are trying to perform the Chawan Sign, it's possible to meet these two out at the Blue Sky Beer Garden if you perform the Chawan Sign there. However it's recommended to do this after completing the Birthday Event because it can lock them both to that location, meaning Fangmei won't appear at the Complete Clothier.

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