Five Stars Corp

Five Stars Corp. - 伍星公司
LocationGhost Hall Building (10F), Thousand White Quarter, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Building TypeOffice
Known WorkersYuanda Zhu

The Five Stars Corp (Japanese: 伍星公司) is located at the very top of the Ghost Hall Building and is owned by Yuanda Zhu. This is where Yuanda Zhu hides himself away after fleeing Aberdeen where he owned a business of the same name. On first inspection, the room appears to be empty, but Yuanda Zhu is hidden behind a secret wall behind the large Buddha statue.

There are quite a few items hidden away in this small room.

  • Fish stick -under a large turtle shell on cabinet
  • Goat stick - inside a large pot on the top shelf opposite the cabinet
  • Rooster stick - in the left drawer of the side desk
  • Wild Boar stick - on the main desk
  • Blue Dragon stick - behind the "The Principles of Yin and Yang" banner
  • Four Heavenly Beasts picture - in the right drawer of the main desk
  • Phoenix stick - inside a large pot on the shelf against the wall
  • White Tiger stick - underneath the Hazuki uniform, in the cupboard with the Buddha statue
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