Forklift Driving

Ryo discovers that a gang known as the Mad Angels have possible links to the Chi You Men and operate at the New Yokosuka Harbour District, Yokosuka. Once he hears that they also extort from the workers there, Ryo decides to get a job in order to get closer to them.

Ryo's job at the harbour is quite simple in that he has to move cargo to warehouses using a forklift. There is a set quota each day for the amount of crates that need to be moved, and if Ryo meets the quota he will receive a raise. Wage is given per crate and the working day starts at 9AM until 5PM, with a lunch break in the middle of day lasting two hours. Starting wage is ¥300 per crate, with a ¥50 raise for meeting quota by the end of the day. At the beginning of the day Ryo and four of the other workers always have a race around the harbour in their forklifts. The prize is a forklift capsule toy with a number on it, the number depending on where Ryo placed in the race.

This job is mandatory for plot progression, likewise once you reach a certain point in the story Ryo can no longer continue to work at the harbour.

Job available at:

  • New Yokosuka Harbour District, Yokosuka
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