Fusayo Mishima

Fusayo Mishima - 三島房代
Height5' 2"
Blood TypeO
D.O.B.22nd July 1943
FamilyHusband: Takanobu Mishima
Daughter: Mayumi Mishima
Daughter: Megumi Mishima
Appears inShenmue I

Fusayo Mishima (Japanese: 三島房代) is the mother of Mayumi and Megumi and lives in Sakuragaoka, Yokosuka. Her husband works as a captain of a tanker that deals with trading mainly around the Middle East, so he is away from Japan for half of every year. But because of his work he is well paid, so Fusayo can live a life of leisure, spending her days shopping in Dobuita or talking to the other local housewives. In truth though, she doesn't like some of the other housewives, but gossips with them to keep up appearances. She is also a very tidy person and doesn't like the neighbourhood cats messing up her garden. So when Megumi brought a kitten home she yelled at her to get rid of it, but after hearing the full story from Mayumi she finally had a change of heart.

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