Gangfang Lin

Gangfang Lin - 林岡芳
Blood TypeA
D.O.B.21st July 1941
Appears inShenmue II

Gangfang Lin (Chinese: 林岡芳) works primarily as a bookie in Wan Chai. He can most commonlly be seen taking care of the bets on the street fighting floor at the Pine Game Arcade in the Golden Quarter once they have been unlocked. He also manages the bets for the duck racing events which take place in the Wise Men's Quarter.

Gangfang also has connections with the Yellow Heads and can be seen meeting with Yuan and three other Yellow Head members, Bao Zhu, Liang Yan, and Jin Niu, in F Warehouse in the Fortune's Pier in Aberdeen. However, the deal is interrupted by Ryo and Ren of Heavens, the latter of which runs off with Gangfang's money.

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