Gaowen Xia

Gaowen Xia - 夏高文
Height3' 8"
Blood TypeB
D.O.B.10th July 1981
FamilyGrandfather: Ong Xia
Grandmother: Xiuyu Xia
Father: Shunwen Xia
Appears inShenmue I

Gaowen Xia (Chinese: 夏高文) is a third-generation Chinese living in Yokosuka and is the grandson of Xiuyu Xia, owner of the Russiya China Shop on Dobuita Street. As he was born in Japan, he doesn't see himself as Chinese, but he does speak the language as his grandmother encourages him to every day. He admires Ryo for his strength after being saved by him one day when he was threatened by Charlie Grant and some thugs in Sakuragaoka and dreams of becoming strong like Ryo when he's older. He is a friendly child but envious of the other local children who have brothers and sisters, so he is constantly hinting to his parents that he wants a baby sister.

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