Goro Mihashi

Goro Mihashi - 三橋五郎
Height5' 11"cm
Blood TypeA
D.O.B.9th July 1968
Appears inShenmue I

Goro Mihashi (三橋五郎 Mihashi Gorō) is a petty bully and delinquent from one of the local high schools, originally being the leader of one of the gangs before Enoki after he was expelled from school. He now wanders around the New Yokosuka Harbour District to extort money from the workers, and it's here that Ryo first comes into contact with him. As Ryo arrives at the harbour he sees Goro picking on one of the workers and demanding his money with two of his friends as backup. Ryo intervenes, but Goro isn't afraid of Ryo, despite the other two of them backing off as they know how strong he is. Ryo and Goro's fight is pretty short lived with Ryo coming out the obvious victor. After seeing how much stronger Ryo is than he, Goro starts to change his ways for the better and help Ryo out. He even helps Ryo to get a job at the harbour and they soon become friends, Goro even starts to call him "bro" and gives him information if he can help, specifically with his continuous warnings about getting involved with the Mad Angels.

As Ryo becomes involved with the gang, like Ryo's other friends, Goro becomes a target for them, although he isn't seriously hurt. As time passes, Goro reveals that he and Mai Sawano, a girl from the area who has known Ryo since they were children, are going to get married. Mai was also a bit of a delinquent but after starting to date Goro she too also started to turn over a new leaf.

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