Guixiang Lee

Guixiang Lee - 李桂香
Blood TypeB
D.O.B.9th January 1911
Appears inShenmue II

Guixiang Lee (李桂香) is an elderly lady who lives in, and is also the caretaker of, the Yan Tin Apartments in the South Carmain Quarter. She is also a master of the Chen-style Tai Chi and good friends with Jianmin.

Ryo first come into contact with Guixiang when he arrives at the Yan Tin Apartments as this was the address he was given that Lishao Tao was living at. However someone else is occupying the flat now and Guixiang is less than helpful with helping him find her as she mistakenly believes that Ryo is a landshark. Later, whilst Ryo is investigating the Wude, he meets her again and comes to her aid as she is being harassed by landsharks who want to tear the Yan Tin Apartments building down. Despite Ryo's help, Guixiang is able to take out one of the men herself, proving that she is still quite skilled despite her age. It's here that Guixiang is able to tell Ryo about one of the Wude, but she doesn't remember the name. It later turns out that this principle of Wude is named Yi.

Guixiang comes to Ryo's aid again a little later on, after Ryo has found a piece of paper within the Wulinshu, the book that Yuanda Zhu wrote. She explains to him that the symbols on the paper are part of a Chawan Sign, a sign that martial artists use to communicate secretly with each other using tea cups. She also goes on to explain that the sign on the piece of paper is to indicate that you are a friend of Yuanda Zhu and demonstrates how to perform the sign.

[edit] Extra Scenes

[edit] Learn Hind Blow

Ryo can learn Hind Blow from Guixiang only after you have talked to her about the Chawan Sign, but before you receive the note from Yuanda Zhu's associate. She can be found outside the Yan Tin Apartments practising martial arts before 10pm.

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