Guizhang Chen

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Guizhang Chen - 陳貴章
Blood TypeA
D.O.B.10th February 1956
FamilyFather: Yaowen Chen
Appears inShenmue I

Guizhang Chen (Mandarin Chinese: 陳貴章 Chén Guìzhāng) is the son of Master Chen and helps his father run his trading business at the harbour, as well as trying to keep the Mad Angels, a gang that operates in the area, from hurting their business. Despite living in Japan, Guizhang is Chinese, although his father's business does have ties in Hong Kong.

Ryo first comes into contact with Guizhang when Ryo makes contact with his father after receiving a letter that was addressed to Iwao, telling him if he ever needs help to seek Master Chen's aid. When he first meets with Ryo, he seems a little intolerant of him, deeming his actions as reckless but as time goes on, he realises that if he were in Ryo's position he would be doing the same thing. Guizhang keeps an eye on Ryo and helps him out from time to time. Later in the first chapter, Ryo challenges Guizhang to a fight on the pretence that if Guizhang pretends to lose then Terry, the leader of the Mad Angels, will take Ryo to LanDi. Whilst not believing that Terry will be true to his word he fights with Ryo anyway, the two seeming to come to a draw as they both knock each other down at the same time. At this moment Terry makes an attempt on Guizhang's life, but Ryo manages to pull Guizhang out of harms way. The two then go on to challenge the entire Mad Angels gang leading to their final fight with Terry.

As Ryo is about to leave Japan, Guizhang says that he will go with him, however, just as they are about to leave, Chai makes a final attempt to steal the Phoenix Mirror from Ryo, by dropping a metal girder on top of them. Guizhang, in what could be seen as a return to Ryo's earlier favour, pushed Ryo out of the way in time, however Guizhang's leg is badly injured in the process and he is unable to accompany Ryo to Hong Kong. Guizhang tells Ryo to go on ahead and he will catch up with him later once his injury has healed.

[edit] Post Shenmue I

Whilst Guizhang has not been seen since Shenmue I, he can be heard in Shenmue II. When Ryo is in Kowloon and going through a large amount of cassette tapes that he and Ren got from the wire tapper if the plater listens past the part of the tape where the clue about Yuanda Zhu can be heard, then you will hear another phone conversation between Joy and Guizhang. As it turns out, Joy's father and Master Chen are fellow traders, so Guizhang and Joy know each other reasonably well, Joy even refers to Master Chen as "Uncle Chen".

[edit] Extra Scenes

There are also some additional scenes with Guizhang that aren't necessary to finish the game, thus can be easily missed, listed below.

[edit] Translator

First off you need to have either the Stab Armor (located in the secret basement of the Hazuki Dojo) or the Mysterious Scroll (behind the "Principles of Yin and Yang" scroll in the Hazuki Dojo). At any point in the game after you have met Guizhang and you don't have to do something for the story that prevents Ryo from going to the harbour, call Guizhang. Talk to Guizhang on the phone and if he agrees to see you, go to Warehouse Number 8 in the Old Warehouse District. This will activate a cutscene where Guizhang will translate these two scrolls for Ryo, as the scrolls are in Chinese.

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