The Hero box is a Toy Capsule box which contains 3 random Toy Capsules. They can be bought for $25 from Gan Hong's stand in the Worker's Pier in Aberdeen.

[edit] Toy Capsules

The Toy Capsules available from the Hero boxes are:

Rarity Toy Capsule
Very Rare Rent-a-Hero
Very Rare Hot Dog Truck
Rare Big Philip
Rare Big Robin
Rare Little Philip
Rare Little Robin
Rare Mary
Rare Philips
Rare Pyonta
Rare Robins
Normal Aida II
Normal Goba Beach
Normal Jet Opa-opa
Normal Opa-opa
Normal Poppors
Normal Ruber
Normal Shop
Normal Space Harrier
Booby Prize Super Ball 1
Booby Prize Super Ball 2
Booby Prize Super Ball 3

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