Ichiro Maeda

Ichiro Maeda - 前田一朗
Height5' 2"
Blood TypeO
D.O.B.2nd February 1934
FamilyDaughter: Miki Maeda
Appears inShenmue I

Ichiro Maeda (Japanese: 前田一朗) is the owner of Maeda Barbershop on Dobuita Street, Yokosuka. He is an old-fashioned man and doesn't seem to understand today's fashions, insisting that all men should have their hair in a short cut. Long hair bothers him so much, he has even offered to pay Tom to let him cut his hair, although naturally he has turned down the offer. Ryo visits Ichiro's barbershop and has done so for several years, and because he tends to rant and rave, Ryo developed a fear of him as a child, and still feels a little uncomfortable around him today. Despite his strict ways, he is quite relaxed with his daughter, Miki, and lets her do as she likes so long as she takes responsibility for her actions. One thing he won't change his mind on though is that she is forbidden from riding motorcycles. One day, he hopes Miki will be married and his future son-in-law will take over the shop.

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