Ine Hayata

Ine Hayata - 早田稲
Blood TypeA
D.O.B.9th August 1922
Appears inShenmue I

Ine Hayata (早田稲 Hayata Ine), commonly known to players as Ine-san (稲さん), is the live-in housekeeper at the Hazuki Residence where she takes care of the basic running of the house which she has done for over 15 years. Ine-san was present on the day LanDi came to the Hazuki Dojo and was attacked, or at least knocked down, by either LanDi or the men in Black Suits. She becomes very worried about Ryo and his quest for vengeance and openly opposes his actions. But as time goes on she realises this is something Ryo needs to do for himself and offers a little help where she can. She stays at the Hazuki Residence after Ryo has left for Hong Kong to take care of the house.

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