Iwao Hazuki

Iwao Hazuki - 芭月巌
Age46 (deceased)
Blood TypeA
D.O.B.3rd May 1940
FamilySon: Ryo Hazuki
Appears inShenmue I


[edit] History

Iwao Hazuki (Japanese: 芭月巌 Hazuki Iwao) is Ryo's father and master of the Hazuki Dojo and of the Hazuki-ryū jūjutsu (芭月流柔術) style of martial arts. At the Dojo he teaches Martial Arts to his son and a live-in student, Fukuhara. Not much is known about Iwao's wife except that she died when Ryo was quite young. Iwao is held in high regard within the community because of his devotion to the martial arts.

[edit] Shenmue I

On the 29th November 1986 at 4:00pm Iwao Hazuki is in the Dojo training with Fuku-san when three men break in, two of them wearing black suits and one wearing traditional Chinese clothes, a man named LanDi. Fuku-san is thrown out of the Dojo as Ryo arrives and is told by Iwao to stay back. LanDi asks Iwao, "where is the mirror?" but Iwao refuses to tell him and attempts to attack LanDi but he is quick to dodge and knocks Iwao to the ground. Ryo tries to intervene but is also knocked down. LanDi threatens to kill Ryo if Iwao doesn't give him the mirror, so Iwao is forced to comply and tells him that the mirror is buried under the cherry tree outside.

The men in the black suits go to retrieve the mirror whilst LanDi asks Iwao "Do you remember Zhao Sunming? That's the name of the man you killed in Meng Chun." Iwao responds with a shocked "It can't be! You!" As Iwao struggles to his feet LanDi tells him "Get up, I'll allow you to die like a warrior" and delivers the death blow. The men in black suits return with the Dragon Mirror and, with LanDi, they leave the Dojo. Iwao dies in the arms of his son telling him "Forgive me for leaving you alone... Your friends, keep friends, those you love, close to you,"

[edit] Post Shenmue I

Later in the story we learn new things about Iwao, such as in his youth he travelled to China, meeting many people, and brought back both the Phoenix and Dragon Mirrors from there. Iwao was fascinated with the Chinese martial systems and wanted to incorporate several of their techniques into the Hazuki style.

Shortly after Iwao's death, a letter arrived addressed to him from Yuanda Zhu, warning him that someone was coming after the mirrors and to seek the aid of Master Chen. However the letter arrived too late, but served as an important clue for Ryo.

Much later in Shenmue II Ryo learns from Yuanda Zhu that the Suming Zhao that LanDi mentioned was LanDi's father and an old friend of Iwao. LanDi believed that Iwao was responsible for Suming's death, although Yuanda Zhu couldn't confirm if this was true, only that Suming did die.

[edit] Extra Scenes

There are also some additional scenes with Iwao that aren't necessary to finish the game, thus can be easily missed, listed below.

[edit] Ryo's Childhood 1

In the kitchen of the Hazuki Residence is some breakfast laid out on the table. Have Ryo look at and lock onto the bowls of food. This will trigger a cutscene from Ryo's childhood where he and Iwao are eating at the dinner table.

[edit] Ryo's Childhood 2

Walk up to the Cherry Tree in the garden of the Hazuki Residence by the Hazuki Dojo. This will trigger a cutscene of Ryo with Iwao where he is teaching him a martial arts move.

[edit] Ryo's Childhood 3

In the Hazuki Dojo have Ryo look and zoom in on "The Eight Principles of Yin and Yang" calligraphy which is high up on the left wall. This will trigger a cutscene of Ryo and Iwao telling him the importance of friendship after Ryo has been in a fight with one of his friends.

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