Jianmin Tao

Jianmin Tao - 陶健民
Blood TypeO
D.O.B.22nd March 1911
Appears inShenmue II

Jianmin Tao (陶健民) is an elderly man who can often be seen in Lotus Park in the South Carmain Quarter practising Chen-style Tai Chi. He seems to be there at all hours so where he lives is a mystery, but presumably close by in the quarter. Jianmin practices his Tai Chi near an old tree, under which the ground is littered with leaves the colour of autumn red. The purpose of the leaves and tree become more apparent as Ryo continues his journey. Jianmin is also friends with Guixiang who taught him some of the martial arts moves he passes onto Ryo.

Ryo first comes into contact with Jianmin whilst he is researching the Wude to ensure his meeting with Xiuying. As a well-versed martial artist, Jianmin knows the Wude and teaches Ryo about one, providing he can cover the ground around him with leaves using a Tai Chi move known as Iron Palm. At first, Ryo cannot understand how Tai Chi, which seems a gentle martial art, can be used with force but agrees. With Jianmin's guidance, Ryo masters the move until he has covered enough of the ground with leaves by practising the move against a tree in the park. Jianmin keeps his end of the deal and tells Ryo about the first Wude, Gon. After this, Jianmin isn't featured again in the main story however he is always there in the park should Ryo ever need to ask him anything.

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