Jimenez Garcia

Jimenez Garcia
Blood TypeB
D.O.B.12th September 1957
Appears inShenmue II

Jimenez Garcia is an arm wrestler originally from Mexico who participates in arm wrestling matches for money. He can be found in two different locations in the game. The first location is in an unnamed warehouse on the Worker's Pier of Aberdeen, nearby the entrance to the Aberdeen port. Here he is working alongside Woyu Cao who acts as the bookie for his matches.

The second location is at the Fighting Place in the Stand Quarter of Kowloon. Here Jimenez is one of six opponents to arm wrestle with, working with Jiangxiu Dou who is the bookie for his matches at this location. When Ryo meets Jimenez in Kowloon, Jimenez thinks that Ryo looks familiar, but he doesn't remember who he is.

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