Jimmy Yan

Jimmy Yan
Jimmy running away from Ryo
Height5' 7"cm
Blood TypeB
D.O.B.9th September 1956
Appears inShenmue I

Jimmy Yan is a member of the Mad Angels and acts as the owner of the Asia Travel Co. on Dobuita Street, although he is not the real owner. He has poor management skills and no real drive to run the place properly so it has a bad reputation in the area and opens infrequently. Etsuko Sekine, an employee at the agency, is also his mistress, despite his claim to have a wife and children. The claim could be a bluff however as at the time he was being threatened by Ryo after his money was stolen and Jimmy couldn't give him his boat ticket to Hong Kong as the business is completely bankrupt. He loves to gamble and goes to a casino everyday to relieve his stress levels.

It is likely that Jimmy is a low ranking member of the Mad Angels as he claims to not know anything about Chai who was working with them at the time, and also betrays the gang by telling Ryo that they are involved with Chai. After the altercation with Ryo, Jimmy skips town and isn't seen again. Before then Jimmy was living in apartment 202 of the Mochizuki Apartments building on Dobuita Street.

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