Jiyou Liu

Jiyou Liu - 劉紀佑
Height5' 8"
Blood TypeA
D.O.B.19th October 1944
FamilyFather: Gonghui Liu
Wife: Enling Liu
Appears inShenmue I

Jiyou Liu (Chinese: 劉紀佑) is a second generation Chinese living in Japan and the owner of the Liu Barber and Hair Salon on Dobuita Street. His father, Gonghui Liu, is a retired tailor and his mother was Japanese so they spoke Japanese at home, although, Jiyou can also speak a fair amount of Chinese as well from when he worked for a Chinese barber after graduating from junior high school.

He is the husband of Enling Liu and the two have been married for 15 years. Since then they had been saving up enough money to open up their own barbershop and after five years they finally had enough to open up the shop they both run today. As there is already another barbershop on Dobuita Street, Maeda Barbershop owned by Ichiro Maeda, they try to offer additional services such as hair styling and keep their prices a little lower than Maeda's to keep competitive. As a result, their barbershop has continued to thrive despite the long-established competition. Recently they were able to move to Sakuragaoka and Jiyou wanted his father to live with them due to his age and slight decline in health, but he refused the offer. He leaves most of the running of the house to his wife and the two live happily, the only concern being that they haven't had any children yet.

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