Joy - ジョイ
Blood TypeB
D.O.B.16th August 1968
Appears inShenmue II

Joy (Katakana: ジョイ, Rōmaji: Joi) is a young woman who can most often be seen around Aberdeen riding her motorcycle. She is well known in the area because of her father who is a well established businessman, who also trades with Master Chen in Yokosuka. Because of this business connection, she knows Master Chen and Guizhang well, referring to Master Chen as "Uncle Chen". Also because of her father's prominence in the area a lot of people know her and are friendly towards her. She is also friends with Ren and the various Heavens members such as Wong.

After she first meets Ryo in Aberdeen she becomes interested in helping him out and does so on several occasions such as showing him to a place to sleep and getting him a job at the harbour. She appears frustrated when Ryo acts coldly towards her and doesn't want to involve her in his affairs, although the reason for Ryo's attitude is likely connected to what happened to Nozomi back in Yokosuka when she was put in danger. She and Wong follow Ryo and Ren to Kowloon and try to help them, but in the end Joy is captured by the Yellow Heads. Of course, Ryo goes to save her.

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