Junko Yamamoto

Junko Yamamoto - 山本順子
Height5' 5"
Blood TypeA
D.O.B.12th December 1947
Appears inShenmue I

Junko Yamamoto (Japanese: 山本順子) is the owner of Manpukuken Ramen on Dobuita Street, Yokosuka. Her husband passed away at a young age, leaving her only with his own unique Chinese recipe for ramen noodles to remind her of him. The recipe was so good that people have come from all over Japan to the little shop in Dobuita just to try it. So she continues to work hard, whilst reminiscing about the days with her husband. She lives close by the ramen shop in apartment 201 of Okayama Heights.

Junko is not related to Tatsuya Yamamoto.

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