Kouji Hase

Kouji Hase - 馳浩司
Height5' 11"
Blood TypeO
D.O.B.20th December 1961
Appears inShenmue I

Kouji Hase (Japanese: 馳浩司) is a young apprentice of Nagai Industries on Dobuita Street. He has a questionable morality and is often rude to people, having no manners or sense of duty. Knowing the kind of personality Kouji has, Akira Nagai has him stand guard at the door as his appearance and nature will likely intimidate most unwanted guests. Also because of Kouji's nature, Nagai doesn't think he would be able to handle him by himself, so Toshiki Kagawa is acting as Kouji's main mentor. To earn extra money, Kouji also acts as a bodyguard to Jimmy Yan and when he isn't working he likes to put his looks to good use by flirting with and trying to pick up various women.

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