Kyoko Hayashi

Kyoko Hayashi - 林京子
Height5' 5"
Blood TypeA
D.O.B.18th June 1957
FamilyHusband: Hiroyuki Orihara
Appears inShenmue I

Kyoko Hayashi (Japanese:林京子) is a hostess at Bar Linda on Dobuita Street, Yokosuka, and is married to Hiroyuki Orihara, the owner of the bar, but they keep their marriage a secret. They met 10 years ago in a club in Shinjuku where Hiroyuki was working as a bartender. As their relationship deepened, her parents, who were rich and cared only about class and social status, disapproved of their relationship so they continued to date in secret. Four years passed and Kyoko's mother attempted to bribe Hiroyuki to get him to leave Kyoko, obviously he refused the money, but began to think perhaps he should leave for Kyoko's sake. After Kyoko found out about this, she asked Hiroyuki to elope with her, so the two were married and worked hard day and night to make ends meet. Three years ago they finally saved enough money to buy a property in Yokosuka, converting the downstairs into the bar, and the upstairs serving as their apartment. Her real name is Kyoko Hayashida, but she changed her last name to hide from her family.

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