Lan Di - 藍帝
Blood TypeA
FamilyFather: Sunming Zhao
Appears inShenmue I
Shenmue II

Lan Di (藍帝) is the man whom Ryo seeks to find and the main antagonist of the series. It is known that LanDi is a high ranking member of the Chi You Men, a Chinese black market organization that controls a lot of illegal trading in China. He is also a very skilled master of Tiger Swallow Style (虎燕拳), a deadly form of Kung-Fu.

[edit] Shenmue I

At the start of the game, LanDi travels with two other Chi You Men members to Yokosuka, Japan and heads to the Hazuki Dojo in Yamanose. There LanDi confronts Iwao Hazuki and demands a Dragon Mirror from him which Iwao refuses to hand over. In order to persuade Iwao, LanDi threatened to kill Ryo, forcing Iwao to reveal that the mirror is buried outside under the cherry tree in the garden infront of the Dojo. After taking the Dragon Mirror LanDi asks Iwao if he remembers a man named Zhao Suming, after which Iwao seems to recognise LanDi. He kills Iwao using his deadly form of martial arts and leaves with the mirror. LanDi remains in Japan for a little while, before leaving for Hong Kong.

[edit] Shenmue II

LanDi is seen briefly in Kowloon after arriving via a helicopter to the roof of the Yellow Head Building to pick up Yuanda Zhu whom Dou Niu has captured for him. However this doesn't go according to plan as Yuanda Zhu is saved by Ryo and Ren and he leaves empty handed, heading towards Guilin. LanDi appears to acknowledge Ryo whilst he is fighting with Dou Niu.

Whilst LanDi is not seen for very long in the second game, Yuanda Zhu provides some new insights to Ryo and the others after he is rescued. He explains that LanDi's real name is Longsun Zhao (趙蒼龍) and is the son of Sunming Zhao (趙孫明) whom players will recall LanDi mentioned at the beginning of the first game as the man that Iwao killed in Mengcun. LanDi believes that Iwao was the man who murdered his father and this was his reason for killing him.

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