Ling Ling Porridge

Ling Ling Porridge - 鈴鈴粥専科
LocationQueen's Street, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Building TypeRestaurant
Known WorkersLing Chang

Ling Ling Porridge (鈴鈴粥専科) is a brightly coloured restaurant, similar in size and style as the Lai Lai Eatery in Worker's Pier, except for it's bright colour scheme. People can often be seen inside and sitting outside, eating and drinking. This is where Ryo first meets the Poison Brothers, Haohai Du and Bangzhuo Du.

It is possible to perform the Chawan Sign here, This will trigger an event with the Poison Brothers harassing Ryo at the table. Win the QTE that follows and the Poison Brothers will from then on be very helpful and respectful to Ryo. Lose the QTE and the Poison Brothers will become very hostile to Ryo

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