Xiuying Hong

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Xiuying Hong - 紅秀瑛
Blood TypeA
FamilyBrother: Ziming Hong
Appears inShenmue II

Xiuying Hong (Mandarin Chinese: 紅秀瑛 Hóng Xiùyīng) is a master of the martial arts and the Man Mo Temple in Scarlet Hills, Wan Chai. Master Chen tells Ryo to get into contact with her when he arrives in Hong Kong. As Ryo only had the name "Master Tao" as a reference, Ryo had mistakenly assumed that he would be meeting a man and was surprised to learn that Master Tao was in fact a woman.


[edit] History

Xiuying is well known and respected around Wan Chai, often referred to as Lishao Tao or Master Tao (Mandarin: 桃李少 Táo Lǐshǎo). When she was a child she, and her brother Ziming, were both orphaned after their parents were murdered. Ziming left Xiuying behind when they were both young as he set out to find the Chi You Men whom he believed would have information on their parents murderers. Xiuying has never seen Ziming since.

[edit] Wan Chai

Xiuying currently lives at the Da Yuan Apartments in the Wise Men's Quarter, having recently moved from the Yan Tin Apartments in the South Carmain Quarter.

When Ryo found his way to the Man Mo Temple Xiuying gave him a place to stay and some work to do at the temple. But she was reluctant to help Ryo in his quest because she believes he is falling onto the wrong path. During his stay in Hong Kong, Xiuying tried to get Ryo to calm down and also show him that his skills are nowhere near good enough to take on someone like LanDi. Xiuying also comes to Ryo's aid numerous times when he is in trouble such as when Ryo is targeted by Yuan and the Yeloow Heads. As Ryo leaves Hong Kong, she gives him half of a stone, not telling him that the other half is, or was, in her brother's possession when she last say him.

[edit] Kowloon

Xiuying unexpectedly comes to Ryo's aid in Kowloon by saving him during a confrontation with Dou Niu.

[edit] Learn Moves

Xiuying will teach Ryo two new martial arts moves during the game.

[edit] Counter Elbow Assault

The Counter Elbow Assault is taught by Xiuying just before Ryo leaves Wan Chai for Kowloon.

[edit] Demon's Triangle

The Demon's Triangle is taught by Xiuying when Ryo briefly returns to Wan Chai before heading on to Guilin.

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