Luxian Cai

Luxian Cai
Luxian Cai (left), with Zheng Chun
Blood TypeA
D.O.B.23rd November 1939
Appears inShenmue II

Luxian Cai is a member of the Yellow Heads gang that mostly operates in Kowloon, however, their influence does spread beyond the walled city and Luxian is actually first seen in Wan Chai.

Luxian is first seen when a large group of other Yellow Heads are escorting Shuqin Zhang, whom they are holding hostage, through the White Dynasty Quarter. However, they are followed by Ryo and Xiuying, as part of a group Luxian attacks Ryo, alongside Guanguan Yuan, Jingmu Jiang, Zheng Chun, and Wei Dian, but are beaten by Xiuying.

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