Mai Sawano

Mai Sawano - 沢野麻衣
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Height5' 3"
Blood TypeO
D.O.B.9th June 1986
FamilyMother: Kinuyo Sawano
Sister: Hisaka Sawano
Appears inShenmue I

Mai Sawano (Japanese:沢野麻衣) is a schoolgirl who lives in Dobuita with her mother, Kinuyo and her older sister, Hisaka and she has known Ryo since childhood. After her father died, her mother and sister became more heavily involved in running their business, Hokuhoku Lunches, maintaining a stand in Dobuita and the harbour district, and as such Mai began to feel neglected and started to rebel, hanging out with a bad crowd. After she started to date Goro she started to behave better again, and even started to help her sister at the lunchbox stand in the New Yokosuka Harbour District, however she only did it to earn money and sometimes stole money. After a while, Goro and Mai reveal that they intend to get married. She lives in apartment 201 of the Oiwa Apartments building with her mother and sister.

[edit] Help Hisaka

When Ryo is looking for the old Warehouse District, go talk to Hisaka at Hoku Hoku Lunches, you should activate a scene where Mai is asking for money. You'll then have the opportunity to help Hisaka talk some sense into her younger sister, Mai, who by this stage has begun to hang around with a bad crowd and is treating her family badly.

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