Man Mo Bistro

Man Mo Bistro - 文武莱館
LocationWise Men's Quarter, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Building TypeCafeteria
Known WorkersDeming Rong
Lijuan Wei

Man Mo Bistro (文武莱館) is the one restaurant in this quarter and probably also the biggest shop in the area. Deming Rong works behind the counter and is the owner, whilst Lijuan Wei works there as a waitress. The Bistro is Fangmei's favourite restaurant and she can sometimes be seen eating there with her friend, Eileen.

Performing the Chawan Sign here will cause Ryo to receive a note to wait at the Come Over Guest House, after which he is lured into a trap by the Yellow Heads at Man Mo Park.

It is also possible to activate another side-event here, where two members of the Yellow Heads, Wei Dian and Zheng Chun, attack Deming and threaten Lijuan, causing Ryo and Fangmei to come to their aid.

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