Manabu Takimoto

Manabu Takimoto - 滝本学
Height5' 5"
Blood TypeO
D.O.B.20th July 1950
Appears inShenmue I

Manabu Takimoto (Japanese: 滝本学) is a famed architect who has designed a number of avant-garde styled buildings in his time. However, as a favour to a friend, he came to work on a building project taking place in Sakuragaoka, even turning down a big project to do so. He is currently single after his wife divorced him for being too absorbed in his work, so, in order to keep from being lonely, he got himself a cat. But ever since the day of Iwao's murder, his cat hasn't returned home, causing him to worry about her safety. Based on this, it is likely that Manabu's cat is the one that was hit by LanDi's car and the mother of the orphaned kitten that is living at the Yamanose Shrine.

This character is based on the same Manabu Takimoto who worked on Shenmue as an environment designer and also has experience as an architect.

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