Mari Yamashita

Mari Yamashita - 山下マリ
Height5' 3"
Blood TypeB
D.O.B.8th November 1963
Appears inShenmue I

Mari Yamashita (Japanese: 山下マリ) is a young woman who works at the Tomato Convenience at the New Yokosuka Harbour District. Ever since she was a young girl she has dreamed of becoming a singer, her voice is pretty good and she even won a singing contest during the Bon Festival in Dobuita. Despite this though, her dream has yet to be realised, even though she attends many auditions and she now worries that as she grows older she won't ever be able to become a singer. Recently she has been turned down simply because of her age, nonetheless she goes to Takeshita Street in Harajuku once a month in hope that she will be spotted by a talent scout. She started working at the harbour a few years ago after giving in to the nagging of her mother who was constantly bothering her to get her life in order and get married, so she uses her wages to pay for singing lessons. Mari still hopes that she will become a singer before she reaches 30.

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