Masaru Aoi

Masaru Aoi - 青井勝
Height5' 4"
Blood TypeAB
D.O.B.22nd January 1937
FamilyWife: Yoshie Aoi
Son: Hiroshi Aoi
Appears inShenmue I

Masaru Aoi (Japanese: 青井勝) is the owner of Yaokatsu Produce on Dobuita Street, Yokosuka. By the age of 15 Masaru was well known in Dobuita for being a rowdy delinquent, He, along with Shinkichi Noda and Hiroshi Tamura, would cause trouble in town starting fights with the other delinquents. At the same time his father was somewhat of a gambler, often wasting all their money from the vegetable stand whilst his mother took care of business. Eventually, Masaru's mother collapsed from exhaustion which causes Masaru to realise he needed to start to shape up, so he dropped out of high school to help with the stand. But soon enough he started to gamble like his father or waste all their money drinking. As time rolled on, Masaru's father began to worry about their future, so he convinced Yoshie to marry Masaru as she is strong willed enough to handle him. Since then Masaru has calmed down and rarely gambles any more, instead preferring to go singing at the karaoke bar with his old friends.

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