Yaowen Chen

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Yaowen Chen - 陳躍文
Blood TypeA
D.O.B.10th October 1926
FamilySon: Guizhang Chen
Appears inShenmue I

Yaowen Chen (陳躍文), or Master Chen (陳大人) as he is more commonly known as by players, is a businessman who is currently working at the harbour in Yokosuka with his son, Guizhang. He deals primarily with antiques and trading making him quite well known in the area and the business itself. Ryo first comes into contact with Master Chen through a letter that was addressed to Iwao, telling him to "seek the aid of Master Chen", addressed from a man named Yuanda Zhu. Master Chen agrees to help Ryo, telling him important pieces of information such as the existence of a second mirror.

As Ryo is preparing to leave Japan for Hong Kong, Master Chen gives Ryo the name of someone who can be trusted, Master Tao, and an address of where this person can be found in Hong Kong. He also provides Ryo with his boat ticket to Hong Kong. Also, we learn whilst Ryo is in Kowloon that Master Chen is an acquaintance of Joy and her father, who also seems to work in the same business as him.

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