Mayumi Mishima

Mayumi Mishima - 三島まゆみ
Height5' 4"
Blood TypeB
D.O.B.24th November 1968
FamilyFather: Takanobu Mishima
Mother: Fusayo Mishima
Sister: Megumi Mishima
Appears inShenmue I

Mayumi Mishima (Japanese: 三島まゆみ) is a childhood friend of Ryo's and a classmate since kindergarten through to junior high school. When she entered high school though she went into a competitive all-girls high school, and after being separated from Ryo she realised she had feelings for him. But she has yet to confess her feelings, partly due to being shy and also because she knows how Nozomi feels about Ryo too. As she now feels nervous around them she tries to avoid him, but if Ryo stops to talk to her it makes her happy for the rest of the day. Currently Mayumi is studying for her college entrance exams with the hopes of becoming a diplomat, so she is very absorbed in her studies so that she can enter a foreign languages university in order to learn Chinese.

Played by Cara Jones in the English version.

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