Moon Child Orphanage

Moon Child Orphanage
LocationMoon Child Building (8F), Stand Quarter, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Building TypeOrphanage
Known Workers & ResidentsBaifang Yang
Hongji Huo
Liumei Jiu
Huabai Cai
Yuxing Cao
Zongxiao Bian
Yingai Liu

The Moon Child Orphanage (traditional Chinese: 百子孤兒院; simplified Chinese: 百子孤儿院) is located on the 8th floor of the Moon Child Building and easily stands out due to the pictures painted on the walls outside. There are quite a few young children outside and inside the orphanage as one would expect. Most of them seem quite interested in Ryo as they have never seen him before and ask for him to play. Baifang Yang can be found inside working as a teacher in the orphanage. Also there is an Excite QTE 2 and QTE Title machine in the farthest room. The orphanage can only be entered once you are looking for whereabouts of Yuan's home in order to save Zhang.

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