Nozomi Harasaki

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Nozomi Harasaki - 原崎望
Blood TypeAB
D.O.B.23rd August 1968
FamilyGrandmother: Toki Aida
Grandfather: Makoto Aida
Mother: Risa Harasaki
Appears inShenmue I

Nozomi Harasaki (原崎望 Harasaki Nozomi) is one of Ryo's childhood friends who lives locally. She can often be seen in Dobuita where she helps her grandmother run the Aida Florist. Nozomi is a kind natured girl and develops feelings for Ryo, worrying about him a lot when he stops attending classes and instead spends increasing amounts of time getting into trouble by going after who killed his father. Despite her worrying, there is little she can do to stop him.

Due to Ryo's confrontations between the Mad Angels gang, Nozomi is kidnapped by Chai and held at the harbour. They only let her go once Ryo rescues her and agrees to the gang leaders conditions of injuring Guizhang in a fight so that he will no longer interfere with their activites. At about the same time as Ryo is leaving Japan for Hong Kong, Nozomi is also leaving Japan to go to Canada. Before she goes she gives Ryo an amulet to keep him safe which Ryo still has with him.

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